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~Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life~

Hi Everyone,

I am new to blogging and recently started my photography website and want to share a little about myself and how I got into photography.  I am 25 years old chasing my dream of being a photographer and allowing my passion to lead me to success.  I have always had a very big passion for photography but for some reason it had never crossed my mind to actually become a photographer (until recently of course),  and do not ask me why because to be honest I have been asking myself why ever since I did my very first photoshoot, because it was then that I absolutely fell in love with photographing other people.  I honestly believe things happen for a reason and God had a plan for me and he knew what was about to take place in my life.

This all began when my husband and I were on our 1 year anniversary in Door County,  WI when of course I was taking thousands of pictures and I just couldn’t resist trying to put the camera on self timer and get a shot with both my husband and I together.  Well I tried setting my camera on an area that was unstable and what do you know, it fell and broke.  I was soo bummed about my camera for the next week or so but figured I would just head to the local Walmart or Target and buy another old digital camera because as long as the camera took pictures, at that time that was all I needed…. Well my husband knew how disappointed I was about my camera and decided one day to surprise me with a Nikon DSLR camera along with a couple different lense attachments because he knew how big of a passion I had.  When I got home and saw that camera my entire world changed and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I had never owned a DSLR camera before and and it was love at first sight.  Who would have thought that was all I needed was someone to place a DSLR camera in my hand for this whole dream to become a reality.  Coincidentally my best friend happened to ask me to do her engagement pictures the next week because she knew I loved photography so I bought a ton of books and read my camera manual over and over and watched all sorts of tutorials and put all of my energy into learning about photography.

Right outside our resort in Door County, WI

Then the day of the engagement shoot came and I felt a little anxious and nervous, I really wanted to do well because at this point something inside of me was saying, hey maybe if I do well at this it could really turn into something great and I had a gut feeling about it.  Needless to say, it went very well as I am sitting here right now in awe of what happened in a matter of months.  I felt so natural behind the camera, and I was extremely happy with the pictures we created that day especially for being my very first photo shoot.  Not only did we get awesome pictures, but we had such a blast doing it and it made me so incredibly happy when I had that camera in my hand.  I started posting some pictures up for my friend to see on Facebook and the second I started posting pictures I was flooded with messages with others wanting me to take their pictures, and that is where this journey truly began.  From then on I have been doing photoshoots every single weekend from newborns, to families, to portraits, to engagements to you name it.  I honestly look back at that day thinking it was all in God’s little plan for my camera to break,  for my husband to surprise me with a DSLR camera, and for my friend to ask me to take her engagement pictures that resulted in this huge dream turning into a reality, and me starting my own business. I am soo happy that this opportunity fell into my lap and I have never wanted something more in my life.  I have been working soo hard to learn and grow as a photographer and have really ceased the opportunity to work and make my clients happy.  I have a specific style in truly wanting to portray who each and every individual is and bring that out in my photos while being artistic in the moment.  I want to tell stories of love, relationships and the authenticity of life and it’s beauty.  I believe I can make a difference and touch other’s lives with my photography and that is truly my goal.  I want to gain relationships and be able to capture the tender special moments in your life.  I hope you enjoy my work and continue to follow me as I grow as a person in faith while pursuing my absolute biggest dream.


Here are a few images from my very first photoshoot:  It is 4 months until their wedding date today!
















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