Jennifer and Lucy


       I got the privilege to meet Jennifer and Lucy for the first time at our Mother Daughter Photoshoot and fell in love with how adorable these two are.  Jennifer’s face lit up every time she looked at Lucy and the love between these two was undeniable.  I couldn’t get over how much Lucy looked just like her beautiful Mommy with her big blue eyes and bright blonde hair.  It was suppose to be one of the warmer days that we have had so far this spring but ended up being only 30 degrees that morning and extremely windy.  These two were such troopers during our session with the wind blowing their hair in every direction and braving the cold.  After a little while Jennifer and I definitely had our workout in from chasing little Lucy around.  Lucy is almost 3 so anyone who has experience with this age knows those kids are like energizer bunnies and after these type of sessions I often wonder how Mommies do that every single day (Needless to say  I was actually a bit sore after the session LOL).  Towards the end of our little hike there was a big hill and Lucy wanted to run up and down the hill about 10 times with her Mommy and I was a bit tired just watching them go! Watching the excitement from a 2 and a half year old running up and down a hill reminds me of children and how innocent they are and that’s one thing I love about photographing them.  To capture the spirit and innocence of a child is something so special.  You can go in with a plan for these shoots with the little kids but honestly at that age I always say the kid runs the show and they are the boss.  I look at it as a play session to keep them happy and I will just follow them around with my camera and that is where we capture the raw natural photos that I love.  Sure there are the right moments to try and get some sweet poses but a lot of my favorite images come from letting the kids be innocent, darling kids.  I hope you enjoy this peek into our session


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