Tess’s Maternity Session


    Tess’s Maternity shoot was such a blast and I was soo excited to photograph such a special moment in the Evenson’s life. I have always found pregnancy to be soo fascinating and one of the coolest things that there is in life. To be able to create and carry that tiny baby in there for 9 months and share the experience of your belly growing day by day has got to be one of the coolest experiences ever and it is such a blessing. To me a maternity session is something so tender and special and I think everyone should feel beautiful while they are pregnant because it is such a beautiful thing. Tess was absolutely glowing on the day of our shoot and her beauty shined in every single picture. Tess and Fred have already created a beautiful little boy Liam who also was a part of our photoshoot and he was such a handsome little guy, he has the most gorgeous eyes and I LOVE his hair. I made him a cute little sign that said Big Brother on it and was soo excited for him to feel special during the shoot. Liam is going to be an awesome big brother to his little sister Baby Baya that will be arriving in May. Tess and Fred get to experience the best of both worlds in having both a boy and girl which is soo exciting. I look forward to Baby Baya’s arrival! I hope you enjoy this peak into our Maternity Session!



Aren’t they the cutest family? 

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