Hana’s Stylized Bohemian Portrait Session

       A couple weeks ago we had one of the nicest days so far in Wisconsin and I was sooo excited to get out during Golden Hour to photograph this portrait session.  I had been wanting to use my bohemian headbands during a shoot and this was the perfect session to try some out on Hana.  We started this session at 5:45pm and the light could not have been any more perfect.  As the sun was going down the light just kept getting more beautiful and we had some clouds in the sky which I love and it made for some stunning portraits.  I really want to start doing more shoots at this time of day because the light makes such a difference in the photos.  Hana and I had such a blast during this session and she was such a natural model.  We laughed, talked, and just had such fun girl time during this shoot and it made me soo excited for more portrait sessions with Women.  This is one of my favorite things to do and I am thinking about setting up a date for mini beauty sessions with women all day, How fun would this be!  I love fashion and getting all dolled up and I think it is soo important for women to feel beautiful and get behind the camera every once in awhile and let loose.  You will feel soo beautiful and it honestly is a blast!  Here is a sneak peek into my bohemian styled shoot with Hana!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  PS…. Mother’s Day is coming up and I think a wonderful gift to any Mother would be a gift certificate for a beauty session with me, or a family session any Mother would love as well!  I have gift certificates all ready to go so e-mail or message me on facebook for details!










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