Sawyer’s Newborn Session

I had the pleasure of photographing and meeting Baby Sawyer at 8 days old and he was such a good little baby for me.  He looked just like his Daddy and had gorgeous red thick hair that I couldn’t get enough of.  Every time I would go to edit his photos I just wanted to jump through the screen and hug and squeeze him because he was just too precious to even put into words.  Newborn sessions are always fun and you never know what the day will bring with them but I couldn’t get over how good Sawyer was.  I had recently learned a lot in newborn photography techniques and I am unsure if it was all my techniques I had been learning or that he was just that awesome of a baby but wow he was such a good little model for me.  For newborn sessions it is always my goal to keep them sleepy for majority of the pictures so I can pose them in cute squishy poses and Sawyer did just that.  Anytime he would start to wake up a simple shhhh, rubbing in between his eyebrows and giving him love would do the trick.  These sessions usually are my longest sessions since the baby runs the show and Sawyer was naked majority of the session and he did not pee or poop on my stuff at all which was so awesome!  I am talking A+++++ for Sawyer!  That is almost unheard of! Typically in a newborn session there are at least 2, if not MANY more accidents so that was a very pleasant surprise especially because we fed him a few times.  He did go to the bathroom during the session but it was always when we snuck a diaper back on for a short period of time so I knew Sawyer loved me.  What a guy!  Seeing Nichole and Jason’s eyes light up when they looked at Sawyer was melting my heart and it was very apparent that they are going to be such good parents to this beautiful baby boy.  Jason does a lot of fishing and was talking about how he cannot wait for when Sawyer gets older and they can spend that quality Father-Son time going fishing… Jason even brought his fishing net over for a requested shot that he wanted with Sawyer in the net.  We safely had Sawyer in the net for a short period of time to get the shot requested by Daddy and Sawyer didn’t even cry.  He was awake and totally chill sitting in the net and I just thought it was soo adorable how excited and interactive Jason was for the entire photo shoot.  I could go on and on about how adorable this family is but I will stop rambling so you can get to seeing these stunning photos 🙂  I have tons of newborn props for both boys and girls including tons of hats, headbands, tutu’s, diaper lace cover ups, buckets and all sorts of set ups so if you are interested in booking a session let me know while you are pregnant so we can book from 4-10 days old and trust me you will cherish these photos forever.  I think it is soo important to get newborn photos done because they grow soo darn fast and you will always have those photos to hold onto and memories forever cherished.  Hope you enjoy this peek into our session of Sawyer at 8 days old.




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