Kristy and her horse Dudley

I had the honor of photographing Kristy and her horse Dudley right at their home in Bonduel, WI.  It was the perfect shoot thrown my way as I am a huge animal lover and love all things country.  I met Kristy for the first time upon my arrival at her home and she had this glowing smile about her that was just too sweet.  They own a horse ranch and there were horses and kittens, an old truck and hay bales surrounding us and I fell in love.  Their home felt so warm and fuzzy being out in the country and there was something about this family that was so special to me.  Dudley was Kristy’s Mom’s horse and he is 17 years old and the story behind the horse touched me soo deeply that it struck some major heart strings.  Kristy was so comfortable with Dudley and it was amazing to watch.  Dudley was very interested in eating the grass (hey if I was a horse I would be more interested in that too)  and to see how comfortable Kristy was and how patient she was with Dudley was beautiful.  It was quite tricky to get Dudley’s attention with how occupied he was with eating the grass but we managed to have just the right amount of patience and captured some beautiful images that to me are timeless and hold such meaning.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the session here:

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