Baby Chase Turns One

So I have not done a blog post in quite some time due to how crazy busy I have been and have just tried to focus my time on catching up on editing but I knew I wanted to blog Baby Chase’s session.  Chase is a very very special young boy with so much fight in him and I wanted to share his story and show you what a little cutie pie he is.  Chase was born Sept. 6th, 2013 at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin with what the doctors thought was a mild case of hydrocephalus. At 2 days old Chase started having clinical seizures and was diagnosed with a rare brain condition called Hemimegalencephaly. Hemimegalencephaly is a rare neurological condition in which one side of the brain is abnormally larger than the other. The unusual and enlarged brain tissue causes frequent seizures. In Chase’s case he was having intractable seizures, unable to be fully controlled by medication so it was decided that the best treatment for Chase would be a functional hemispherectomy. What that means is they would go in and disconnect his right hemisphere from his left. Chase had a hemispherectomy at 2 months old.  Chase’s parents have stood by his side from the moment he was born, knowing what a fighter he is and having hope for him every single day, even when doctor’s didn’t.  Today he is a happy, strong little boy that I had the pleasure of photographing for his one year old photos.  He recently underwent a second surgery for a revision hemispherectomy to get some of the missed connections in the front part of his brain that had been causing him to have seizures again.  He once again proved what a fighter he is and recovered very quickly after surgery and is now doing great.  These photos show how happy Chase is and what an adorable, sweet kid he is going to grow up to be.  Here are some of my favorites from my session with Chase, I Hope you love them.  If you would like to read more about Chase’s story you can follow his facebook page here:


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