What should I wear?
Try and coordinate colors if possible, you do not have to match exactly but to have some sort of color scheme always ties the pictures together.  Textures and layers are always great in pictures but try to avoid large logos and extremely baggy clothing.  Any accessories including headbands, floral crowns, boots, jewelry or a fun pair of high heels always add something fun to the pictures.  Jean jackets, leather jackets and Lace always photograph well.  For winter portraits it is nice to add pops of rich color like reds or royal blues since there is not lot of color in the scenery.  Wear something that describes your personality best and have fun with it.

What to expect for a newborn session/how and when to schedule?
I recommend contacting me while you are pregnant so I can allow flexibility in my schedule around your due date to ensure you a spot for your newborn session.  Newborn photos are best done at 4-10 days old so it is important I have flexibility in my schedule around your due date.  Once you have the baby please have someone contact me as soon as you can.  All newborn sessions are done in my home set up with natural light unless you would like an outdoor session.

What to bring to my kid’s session?
Bring anything that will make them happy including their favorite toys,  favorite snacks, etc.  For babies and toddlers any loud toys you have that get their attention is great to get them to look into the camera.

What form of payment do you except?
I accept cash or checks made out to Gina Green Photography.   5% Wisconsin sales tax will also be added on to all session fees that provide a tangible product including a disc.

When will the photos be ready?
I provide my clients with sneak peeks from the session on my Facebook page starting a week after the shoot during your wait period.  Typically it takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks for your cd to be fully edited and ready for pick up depending on the time of year due to certain times being much busier (Exceptions will be weddings in which case it takes around 8-12 weeks).

What if we schedule an outdoor session and the weather is bad?
I am very open to rescheduling if need be, we will keep an eye on the weather the week of our photoshoot and decide together on if we need to reschedule or not.

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