Kayla and Jered Engagement Session

I had a blast with Kayla and Jered during their engagement session and look forward to their wedding this coming summer.  They were soo smiley, giggly and adorable together and we had some beautiful light that day to work with.  Kayla and Jered were giggling the entire time at my crazy weirdness and in return we got some natural smiles that I love.  Here are some of my favorites, Enjoy!

Kyle and Melissa Engagement

It was one of the first chillier fall days we had but it did not stop us from having a blast and creating stunning images during our session.  These two were absolutely adorable together and I loved how fun and playful they were with one another.  I could not help but giggle with excitement during the entire session at how cute they were together and knew right away we were going to click.  There are some people you just connect with right away and we did just that from the start of our session, I think it is soo important to not only love the style of your photographer you choose for your wedding but also to have that relational connection with your photographer and I cannot wait to capture their big day.  These two are not only beautiful people on the outside, but just as beautiful on the inside.  When they are around each other they are glowing with big smiles and laughter and I had a blast capturing them together.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the session, I love the fall season we were able to capture as well, Enjoy!

Nick and Nina Engagement

       Nick and Nina will be getting married this September and are such an adorable couple.  It was a beautiful day out and we even ended our session with a little picnic set up which was so much fun!  The wine bottle they brought along has their last name on it which was such a cute personal touch.  These two were so much fun and by the end of our session they were really loosening up for the camera and having a ton of fun.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from our session!

Dan and Lindsay Engagement


I had soo much fun during my engagement session with Dan and Lindsay and am so excited to share with you some of my favorite photos from our session.  Dan and Lindsay will be getting married next June and I cannot wait to see all of the details that will go into their wedding and have the opportunity to photograph such a special day in their lives.  Dan loves to fish and Lindsay wanted to incorporate that during their session so she brought along some adorable props and we did a little fishing set up to start our shoot off.  Lindsay brought along an adorable chalkboard that wrote: “two less fish in the sea” and within the first few minutes of our shoot it was pretty windy and it blew right off the dock and into the river.  It was great to see the two of them just look at each other and laugh, and then Dan looked at me and said “oh well, mise well take a picture of it floating in the river.”  It was very apparent that the love that these two share is something special and it definitely shined through in the photos.  I couldn’t help but smirk throughout their entire session at how adorable they were together.  Dan and Lindsay are the biggest sweethearts and I cannot wait for next June to see Lindsay come down the aisle in her white gown.  I love the personal touches that went into this session and I hope you love them too! Enjoy!