Adelynn Newborn

Adelynn was 10 days new during her session and did such a good job for me.  By the end of the session I fell in love with this little peanut and wanted to keep her as my own.  She was such a beautiful baby and we were able to capture soo many adorable photos.  Although newborn sessions are hard work that involve patience to perfect every single pose, the outcome is so worth it and I love capturing these little tiny features that parents will cherish forever since these little ones grow so fast, and on top of it all I get my baby fix snuggling these peanuts 🙂  Here are some of my favorites from sweet Adelynn’s session:




Newborn Baya

I was soo excited for Baya’s session because of all the fun girl set ups, props, and outfits I had for her and the fun girl colors I was able to coordinate together.  Baya was very interested in everything I was doing and did make me work for all of these adorable shots but once I finally was able to get her to sleep the session flowed smoothly and the images turned out beautifully!  Her big brother Liam even was able to jump in for a few shots and he is such a good brother.  A reminder to all expecting mothers to contact me while you are pregnant if you would like to book a newborn session with me as it is very important to book this session in advance.  Scheduling these sessions when your newborn is 4-10 days old is important and in order to ensure my availability we tentatively book a date while you are still pregnant and I allow flexibility in my schedule around that time to ensure I am able to get you in.   I have had to turn down a few newborn sessions due to not having any capacity in my schedule to fit them in so if you are pregnant contact me early to ensure a spot 🙂 I hope you enjoy my favorites here from Baya’s session,  She is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!